Wednesday, August 26, 2009

County Fair with good friends and GREAT FOOD!

Once a year, the hubs and I get together with my good friend and her family at the county fair.  It is always a blast.  We mainly go to eat ourselves sick to laugh and have a great time together.  Our county fair is seriously THE BEST FAIR!  I know that is saying a lot, but it really is.  And yes, the food is really freaking good!  Every year we are happy to see the vendors we love so much come back.  We sadly have our regular "must-eat-this-while-at-the-fair-and-from-this-certian-vendor" places....everything from corndogs to dessert we have found the best! 
My friend, Shaunda, and I had to take this picture in front of this booth for old times sake.  I have to share a story with all of you regarding this picture.  You see, Shaunda took me to the fair in her hometown several years ago.  All I had heard about was how I had to eat what was called "The Frito Bandito" (yes this is as bad as it sounds!).  It is basically a taco in a bag...a bag of Frito's that is!  After it was explained to me, sadly, it sounded kinda good and I got excited about tasting this food that was so treasured by my friend and her family. 
So sure enough we get to the fair, I pull out my cash and pay for this lovely "Frito Bandito".  First bite in, good.  Second seemed to get better and better with every bite!  Seriously!  I could honestly see why they were raving about this.  And then before I knew it my bag was empty and my stomach was starting to churn! 
Of course we then had to ride the rides!  Well, not such a great idea for myself...especially after eating this Frito Bandito.  Needless to say, the Frito Bandito didn't stay in my stomach too long, which was probably a good thing.  It went down the side of some twirly, windy, spinning, whirl wind of a ride!  YUCK!  What an experience it that will never be forgotten!  And for the record...I will NEVER eat another "taco in a bag" no matter what you call it!  haha
There were certianly plenty of other options to eat, and boy did we eat!  The hubs and I like to at least split things so we can try a bite of everything but not eat so much!  So we had ... drum roll please:
A cheeseburger
A footlong corndog (which by the way is NOT a footlong, how disappointing!  It was two regular 
                                  hot dogs on a stick!)
Cheesecake (two kinds - carrot cake and turtle sundae) THE BEST CHEESECAKE ON THE
Corn on the Cob
Italian Sausage with the works of course
Sweet Tea (this is the best buy a cup at $3.50 and then you get refills for $1!  We
                     spent $9 on do the math!  lol)
And my favorite part - the french fries...................
Every year I go searching for my french fry booth.  (last year I waited an hour for these fries!)  It is actually a little asian family, but the only vendor in the WHOLE fair that does fresh cut french fries.  This means not from the bag frozen, the whole potato cut and then put in the fryer!  The only way to eat a fair fry in my opinion!  Of course you have to top it with cheese and jalepenos too!  They are soo yummy and so fresh!
I really have no explainatin for this photo...apparently it's the "new" way to get your ketchup and mustard!  I however, am just going to plead the fifth on this one! 
Of course we do take breaks in between all the eating...we watch barrel racing, mule shows, go through all the exhibits (food, fruit and veggies, chickens, photography, etc.).  We got a kick out of the boys watching the barrel racing...standing the same way, moving their heads in time!  They didn't even know I took this picture! 
We always end our evening watching the tractor pulls...
And with that I leave you with one last image....
This was my view watching the tractor see it all at the fair!  We were guessing that they were trying to save some money by sharing for the mullet, well I have no comment other than welcome to Tennessee my friends!  :o)
I am now off to burn some much needed calories! 


  1. For so many things on here, I have nothing to say but "Ewww... Gross!"

  2. Haha, thanks for the Taco in a Bag warning. :)


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