Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cadburry Egg Creme Brulee

I am so excited to finally be posting this!!

I love Easter! It has been one of my favorite holiday's ever since I was a kid. I love coming up with new ways to make each year fun and exciting. This year we had some close friends over. I knew I wanted to do something new for dessert, but I couldn't really think of anything off the top of my head that I was dying to off to the Internet I went! It didn't take me long to stumble across Jessica's blog Pie of the Tiger and realize that she has some great stuff on her blog! That is when I saw this!!! Yes this is CADBURRY EGG CREME BRULEE!!!! Cadburry Eggs just happen to be one of my favorite Easter candies, but who would have thought to put them in Creme Brulee!!! HELLO!!! That is GENIUS!!!! I knew as soon as I saw her post that this was going to be our dessert for Easter, and really everything else didn't matter anymore! HAHA
I do have to tell you that this took a while to prepare, but trust me it was worth every minute! The Creme Brulee was so creamy, and when you dug down deep enough and got a little Cadburry Egg on your spoon...oh my...look out dessert fans!! This will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth craving!!! My friends RAVED about these things! I just might have to make them a staple at every Easter dinner from now on! Thanks Jessica!!!
Cadburry Egg Creme Brulee

6 - 6 oz Ramekins
6 Cadburry Creme Eggs
3 cups heavy cream
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
6 large egg yolks, chilled
Put cream, sugar and vanilla bean in a medium sauce pan. Bring up to a simmer and then steep for 15 minutes. Using the whip attachment on a low speed, add the egg yolks. While the whip attachment is still going, slowly pour a small amount of cream mixture into mixing bowl (to temper the eggs). Continue slowly pouring in the cream mixture until all combined, being careful not to whip too much air into the eggs. The air shows up as bubbles on top of the custard.
Place one Cadburry Egg in each ramekin. I placed all my ramekin's in a 9x13 glass baking dish...this works well for the water bath. Once the cream and eggs are mixed together, strain the mixture into a large measuring cup and pour it carefully up to the rim of each ramekin.
You probably will end up with a few bubbles on the surface of the custard. You can get rid of them by using your blow torch and carefully pop the bubbles with a quick brush of a low flame across the top. Be extremely careful to avoid any places where the chocolate is peeking up above the surface. Chocolate scorches at a very low temperature and can’t handle the heat of the torch.
At this point, fill the baking dish holding the ramekins with boiling water, about two-thirds of the way up their sides, cover the top tightly with foil to keep the tops from overcooking and put the whole thing in a 300 degree oven for 40 - 50 minutes, or until the custard is set.

Once the custards are set – they still wiggle, but they wiggle as one mass – take the baking dish out of the oven. This can be very dangerous because the water is extremely HOT! So be very careful. If you feel more comfortable, you can always remove the ramekins from the pan while it’s still in the oven, and then move the water when it’s cool. When the ramekins are cool enough to handle, put them on a baking rack until they get down to room temperature, then stash them away in the fridge to chill for at least two hours before serving.
The key to getting a good caramelization on top of your Creme Brulee is to make sure you have an even layer of sugar on top. I just sprinkled about a teaspoon of sugar onto each one and rolled it around to make sure the entire top was covered. I then just dumped out any extra sugar laying on top. Using a blow torch on low, carefully run the flame over top the sugar. Keep the flame moving so you don't scorch the sugar. You just want to get a nice crunch on the top! (I actually ran out of juice in my blow on the last I just put it under the broiler on HI for about a minute and it worked pretty well! The presentation wasn't as nice, but if you are in a pinch or don't have a blow torch give it a try!)
I was so pleased with how these turned out! I had never made Creme Brulee before and now I can't wait to make it again, and try out some new possibilities!!!
~Photography by Kristen Wiltse


  1. you're my hero. this is the most incredible thing I've ever heard! wow!

  2. Look at you getting all "fire-friendly" with the blowtorch.

  3. Oh goodness. YES! I need this creme brulee.

  4. Really?! This is fantastic! I love those little eggs and now have all the more reason to buy more of the things next year. Great recipe, my hubby will thank you for putting two of his favorite things together!


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